Interesting facts about Tanzania

Tanzania is an African country that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. This is a large state. Especially in comparison with other African countries. Despite its poverty, the state is rich in cultural and historical values. It is a leader in many areas, some of which are quite unusual. In this article, we will reveal interesting facts about Tanzania, its population and culture.

History Of Tanzania

Interestingly, on the territory of present-day Tanzania, the ancestors of people lived more than 3.5 million years ago. This is evidenced by the excavations, during which footprints of erect hominids were found.

Subsequently, people who had common roots with the Bushmen and Hottentots settled in this territory. They were joined by the Kushite tribes.

At the beginning of the XVI century, Portuguese people landed on the coast of present-day Tanzania. They captured almost all the settlements that were located along the coastline and served as ports. They were expelled only after more than 100 years.

  1. After that, economic activity in Tanzania revived. Local residents were engaged in agriculture and the slave trade. They supplied people to work in India and the middle East. This has led to a significant reduction in the population.
  2. In the mid-19th century, the British landed on the coast of Tanzania, which introduced a ban on human trafficking.
  3. The state gained independence only in the second half of the last century. In 63, the country became a Sultanate. However, a year later there was a revolution. As a result, the Sultan was deposed. The leaders of Tanganyika, Zanzibar and Pemba announced the merger. The new state was named – Tanzania.
Features Of Tanzania

Tanzania has two capitals and two official languages-English and Swahili. However, in fact, the majority of the population does not speak English and does not have the opportunity to learn it, as it is very expensive.

The water part of Tanzania occupies only 6% of the total area. The largest lakes are Victoria, Nyasa, Tanganyika, which ranks second in volume and depth on Earth after lake Baikal.
Another 1/3 of the territory is reserved for protected areas.

The largest crater in the world, Nygorongoro, is located on the territory of Tanzania. Its area is 264 km2. That is, the crater is larger than the size of some countries.


55 million people live on the territory of the state. Only 2% of them are pensioners over the age of 65. Interestingly, the average age of residents is 18 years. This is a very low indicator due to various factors.

All children in Tanzania must attend school. However, in fact, no more than half of the children go to school.

The country is currently home to more than 100 different nationalities.

Interesting facts about Tanzania

An interesting fact about Tanzania is that there are 7 times more albinos born in the Country than in any other country in the world. Scientists can't explain this phenomenon. However, local residents are in no hurry to enjoy this record. Albino children are often the victims of kidnappings. They are used for the removal of organs for subsequent resale.

Children are abducted in broad daylight. In most cases, they disappear without a trace. Even if the kidnappers are caught, they are released after a few months. In this case, a lot of money is involved.


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