Statement: Alissia Canady Responds to Racist Interruptions During Last Night's "The Criminal Justice & Black Men: How to Drive Change" Panel

Canady: “Let me be clear: We will not succumb to fear.”

KANSAS CITY, MO – Today, Missouri Lieutenant Governor candidate Alissia Canady issued the following statement in response to racist interruptions during last night’s appearance on “Criminal Justice and Black Men: How to Drive Change” panel hosted by Joyce Trimuel:


Alissia Canady: “Last night, a conversation about advancing social justice for Black Missourians was sideswept by racist antagonizers. Let me be clear: We will not succumb to fear. As the past few weeks have shown, Missourians are strongest when we stand together against hate and racism in all forms.”


During the event on Wednesday night, several unnamed participants interrupted with expletives including racial and sexual slurs. To end the provocations, the remote event had to become closed resulting in members of the public being unable to join a portion of the hour-long conversation. 


Amid the racist interruptions, Canady engaged in a productive discussion on voting and social reforms in Missouri with the remaining attendees.


17-SEC VIDEO CLIP of Canady on leveraging the energy in activism to encourage voting is available in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format HERE.


Alissia Canady: “It’s not just voting for a person. It’s voting for a person who represents your interests and is going to be responsive and engaging … Are they willing to listen? Are they willing to use their political power to bring about change?”


24-SEC VIDEO CLIP of Canady on her work as an elected member of the Kansas City Council and vision to better the community and strengthen the economy is available in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format HERE.


Alissia Canady: “I learned very quickly the issue wasn’t crime – crime was the symptom. The real issues were limited education, lack of economic opportunities, living in blighted communities … We’ve got to invest in the community, invest in families, create economic opportunities to stabilize the environments so that people are not looking at committing crimes as their best option.”


FULL VIDEO of Canady’s appearance on the panel moderated by Joyce Trimmel, Founder & CEO of business consulting firm Trimuel Enterprises, LLC, with guest Dr. Sean J. Goliday, PhD is available in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format HERE. Due to the nature of the language used during the interruptions, portions of the video are omitted.




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