Three Weeks Until Primary Election, Missouri Lt. Governor Candidate Alissia Canady is Endorsed by Missouri Black Political Forum (Black PAC)

Black PAC: “Ms. Canady is an historic candidate at an historic moment in Missouri’s history.”

KANSAS CITY, MO – Alissia Canady, Democratic candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor, was today endorsed by the Missouri Black Political Forum (Black PAC). Black PAC’s mission is to support progressive candidates who are dedicated to fairness and equal treatment in the development of public policies. Canady’s public service as Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor and member of the Kansas City Council demonstrates her track record for delivering solutions in the best interest of the community.


Jon R. Gray, Black PAC spokesman and retired Jackson County Circuit Court Judge said: “Alissia Canady is the right candidate for Missouri’s future. She had an outstanding tenure as a member of the City Council in Kansas City. She was a thoughtful, independent voice who worked diligently for her constituents. She distinguished herself as a vigorous advocate on behalf of victims of crime during her time as an Assistant Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney. Ms. Canaday is an historic candidate at an historic moment in Missouri’s history.”


Alissia Canady, candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor said: “We are honored to earn the support of Black PAC and Judge Gray, who have been instrumental in advocating for a decade of forward progress in Missouri. Our campaign is about bringing together people with a brighter vision for Missouri: one that ensures healthcare for all, finds an end to gun violence and fights for economic opportunity for those on the lowest rungs of the ladder. Our vision is no doubt stronger today with Black PAC at our side.”


With three weeks until the August 4 primary, Canady is also reminding voters to make a voting plan. If a voter qualifies to vote by mail, ballots must be requested by July 22 at 5 p.m. For all other voters who will visit the polling place in person, wear a mask and be prepared for extended wait times by bringing water and wearing comfortable shoes.

About Black PAC


The  Missouri Black Political Forum was formed in 2009 as an ongoing political action committee. Black PAC was formed by an initial group of Black citizens who support candidates committed to supporting public policies that reflect awareness and advocacy for issues of interest to the Black community. Its statements of support include political contributions to the candidate’s campaign.



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