In Closing Message to the August 4 Primary, Alissia Canady Pledges to Fight for All Missourians as Lieutenant Governor

Canady Committed to “Transformation Agenda” Aimed at Combating Violence,


Promoting Quality Healthcare and Investing in Jobs & Education

Canady: “It’s time for change and I’m ready to make it happen.”

KANSAS CITY, MO – With the August 4 primary election around the corner, Missouri Lieutenant Governor candidate Alissia Canady is ready for voters to head to the polls and have their voices heard. Throughout her campaign, Canady has distinguished herself as an experienced, dedicated candidate that’s ready to address Missouri’s pressing issues with conviction and confidence.


As a former Kansas City Councilwoman and Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor, Canady has committed more than a decade to advocating for justice and fighting for working families. Now, Canady is prepared to keep the momentum going in Jefferson City.


“It’s time to shift the narrative in Missouri,” Missouri Lt. Governor candidate Alissia Canady said. “We need a leader that doesn’t shy away from difficult issues like gun violence, health disparities and systemic racism. A leader that’s committed to investing in human capital, promoting quality healthcare and fostering educational and economic opportunities for all. I’m ready to take my record of action to Jefferson City and do just that.”


In a recent feature in Essence Magazine, Canady noted that campaigning amid a pandemic has certainly posed challenges. Recognizing that we live in an increasingly digital world, she’s used this opportunity to host virtual Town Halls and further develop her skills at effective remote engagement. 


Throughout her campaign, Canady has established herself as a bold, culturally competent leader, earning endorsements from Emily’s List, Missouri Black Political Forum (Black PAC), Missouri State Women’s Political Caucus (MOWPC) and the Collective PAC. Determined to make her vision for Missouri a reality, Canady will continue to garner support up and down the ballot and across party lines to deliver a decisive victory in November.


Transformation Agenda: 3-Point Plan to Jump-Start Economy 


With a well-established track record of advocacy, Canady’s “Transformation Agenda” will invigorate the economy and ensure no Missourian is left behind in its recovery. Canady is committed to addressing Missouri’s most pressing issues and working with colleagues across government and across the aisle to accomplish these objectives.


Canady’s three-point Transformation Agenda includes:


COMBATING CITY VIOLENCE: The rate of gun deaths from 2008 to 2017 increased 55% in Missouri – more than 3 times the national rate. The data shows that the effects of gun violence impact us all regardless of age, race, or gender or political affiliation. Of all gun deaths in Missouri, 58% are suicide, mostly represented by white males. Firearms remain the second leading cause of death among children and young adults. Missouri has the fifth-highest rate of gun homicide in the nation where Black men are 15 times more likely to die by gun homicide and women are 74% of the victims of intimate partner gun homicides.


It’s time for our leaders to evolve past the gun debate and focus on creating viable solutions. This includes creating jobs that pay a living wage, increasing access to mental health services, reducing criminalization of marijuana offenses, and reforming the components of Missouri’s criminal justice system that promote mass incarceration and generational poverty. A Missouri that works for everybody is one where each member of the community can safely walk the streets, safely engage with their partner at home and has open access to mental health services.


ADDRESSING HEALTH DISPARITIES: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made health disparities in Missouri crystal clear. Minority Missourians are dying at a disproportionate rate from COVID-19, just as they are historically to diabetes, cancer and heart disease. When it comes to seeking treatment, care is harder to get; 14 of Missouri’s hospitals have closed in the past six years including nine rural hospitals. 


While the pandemic has brought these disparities to light, these are the result of years of government neglect and failure to address systemic challenges. Starting with Medicaid expansion that will improve access to care, Canady is committed to ensuring every Missourian is able to receive quality and affordable healthcare when they need it. With greater access to these services comes better outcomes, such as reduced infant mortality rates. Canady’s holistic approach also includes environmental justice to achieve a fair system for Missourians once and for all.


PROMOTING EDUCATION & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Missourians deserve a government that fosters educational and economic development for all. One that encourages private enterprise and innovation and gives everybody a fair shot to climb the ladder of economic mobility. 


This starts by ensuring every child has access to quality public education, boosting access to vocational training and ensuring fair pay to educators. To reap the rewards of economic growth, Canady supports a living wage, increasing goals for Minority and Women Business Entities (MWBEs) on public contracts statewide, establishing local hiring for public projects and strategically investing in new companies to start-up, grow and flourish here in Missouri.


The primary election will be held Tuesday, August 4. Polling places will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with COVID safety precautions in place.

Learn more about how to vote here.

Read Alissia’s feature in Essence Magazine here.

Watch digital ad “Determined” here.


Alissia Canady: Proven Leadership for Millions of Missourians


Canady has committed much of her professional career to advancing a social and economic agenda benefiting millions of Missourians.


 As Assistant Prosecutor in Jackson County, Canady earned a reputation as a proven advocate for victims, gained substantial trial experience and led diversion and community justice initiatives. Canady was elected to the City Council of Kansas City in 2015 where she represented the Fifth Council District. While on the City Council, Canady worked to create legislation and policies founded on equity, hope and opportunity for all residents.


 To contribute to or join the Canady for Missouri campaign as a volunteer, please visit www.CanadyforMissouri.com

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