Statement: Missouri Lt. Governor Candidate Alissia Canady on Democratic Presidential Candidate Joseph R. Biden

Canady: “Joe will be a President who leads with compassion, acts on empathy and invests in human capital.”

KANSAS CITY, MO – Tonight, on the concluding day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Joseph R. Biden will accept the Democratic party’s nomination for president. Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris will run against the incumbent president Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence in November.


As a longtime U.S. Senator and two-term Vice President, Biden knows firsthand what it takes to make change in Washington. Missouri Lt. Governor candidate Alissia Canady is excited to watch Biden bring his impressive record of action to the Oval Office.


“We’re at a pivotal point in our country’s history – a global health crisis, major economic challenges and political and social unrest,” said Missouri Lt. Governor candidate Alissia Canady. “I echo the sentiments felt by so many fellow Democrats speaking at the convention. Our country is in need of compassionate, culturally competent leadership; leadership that’s empathetic and follows through on its promise to act in the people’s best interests. Biden and Harris embody the type of leadership that our country needs. Joe will be a President who leads with compassion, acts on empathy and invests in human capital. I enthusiastically support his candidacy and all the Democratic candidates down the ticket this November.”


Canady, a fierce advocate for investing in children and building strong communities, is looking forward to Biden’s plans for education, ending gun violence and tackling public health challenges. With a career tested by recessions, global conflicts and political divisiveness, Canady is confident that Biden has what it takes to lead the United States out of the pandemic into an era of economic prosperity and opportunity.


With the support of Kamala Harris, former Attorney General of California, Canady has faith in the Biden administration’s ability to advocate for racial issues and restore justice in Washington. Similar to Harris’ historic nomination, Canady, a former Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor, is also looking to make history as the first Black elected official to statewide office in Missouri.


Biden’s official nomination has received widespread party support, as many Democrats aim to build a more united front. Canady, who has earned endorsements from Emily’s List, Missouri Black Political Forum (Black PAC), Missouri State Women’s Political Caucus (MOWPC), Democratic Lt. Governor Association (DLGA) and the Collective PAC, is likewise garnering united support up and down the ballot and across party lines to deliver a decisive victory in November.



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