Missouri Lt. Governor Candidate Alissia Canady Addresses School Reopening Plans Amid COVID-19

Canady Calls on State to Restore $169M in Education Funding Cuts, Implement Comprehensive Action Plans to Protect Students from COVID-19


Canady: “We have to make sure we’re taking necessary steps to protect students, faculty and their family members.” 

KANSAS CITY, MO – As millions of students return to school this week, Missouri Lieutenant Governor candidate Alissia Canady today called on the State to restore $169M in education funding cuts and implement comprehensive, statewide action plans to protect students from COVID-19 transmission. Since last week, dozens of COVID-19 cases have been reported in schools across the state – and it will only get worse.


“It’s disheartening to see the blatant disregard for children’s safety – not to mention their teachers and family members,” said Missouri Lt. Governor candidate Alissia Canady. “Education is a priority. It sets children up for future success, helps us build strong communities and stable families. But we need to do it safely and have plans in place to ensure that if in-person learning can’t happen, those impacted by the digital divide aren’t further disenfranchised by limited access to internet and technology.”


To safely and effectively administer education that accommodates contingencies associated with a pandemic, Missouri public schools need funding exceeding standard levels. Yet, this June, Lt. Governor Kehoe and Governor Parson’s administration cut $123.3 million from K-12 schools, $27.9 million from higher education, and $18.4 million from community college funding in the approved State Budget.


To protect students, teachers and families from viral community spread, Missouri’s school system needs leadership who understands the lethal threat COVID-19 presents. Yet, on July 17, Governor Mike Parson stated, “And [children] do get COVID-19, which they will — and they will when they go to school … they’re going to go home and they’re going to get over it.” Since his remarks, St. Louis County has reported 75 COVID-19 cases.


Lt. Governor Kehoe and Governor Parson’s passive approach to COVID-19 has not worked in Missouri’s nursing homes, is not restoring the state’s economy, and will not keep students, teachers and families safe.


Alissia Canady: Proven Leadership for Millions of Missourians

Canady has committed much of her professional career to advancing a social and economic agenda benefiting millions of Missourians.

As Assistant Prosecutor in Jackson County, Canady earned a reputation as a proven advocate for victims, gained substantial trial experience and led diversion and community justice initiatives. Canady was elected to the City Council of Kansas City in 2015 where she represented the Fifth Council District. While on the City Council, Canady worked to create legislation and policies founded on equity, hope and opportunity for all residents.


To contribute to or join the Canady for Missouri campaign as a volunteer, please visit www.CanadyforMissouri.com.



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