Fact Check: New Campaign Ad Lies About Record of Lt. Governor

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – An analysis of a new political ad released by the incumbent Lieutenant Governor this week finds that Mike Kehoe misleads Missourians about his record at least four times in 30 seconds.



“Donald Trump and Mike Kehoe have three things in common: dismantling healthcare, ethics violations, and lying to the voters,” Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Alissia Canady said. “Missourians cannot and should not stand for alternative facts — not when the future of our health and our children are at stake. More than 120,000 Missourians have already cast their ballots and the election is just days away. Now is the time to stand against disinformation and show that we will not tolerate the tactics of Washington here at home.”


The Lt. Governor’s responsibilities include protecting Missouri veterans and seniors, as well as stewarding tourism and economic development.


Findings of the ad include:



MISLEADING: “Mike Kehoe built a successful business.”


THE TRUTH: This year, federal investigators reportedly probed an ambulance purchase in Cole County in which Mike Kehoe’s family ambulance business was not selected for the contract by several council members. In turn, Mike Kehoe reportedly tried to oust the council members who opposed his family business’ bid. The company, Osage Ambulances, was owned by Mike Kehoe for many years and is currently majority-owned by his brother. (Source: St. Louis Dispatch, St. Louis Public Radio)



MISLEADING: “Guide to passage, the largest tax cut in Missouri state history.”


THE TRUTH: Mike Kehoe cut taxes for corporations and reduced eligibility for Missourians to deduct federal taxes on their state income taxes. From March to May 2020, tax revenue was down 29% in Missouri compared to last year. This summer, the Missouri budget was slashed by $448 million, with education taking the hardest hit. (Sources: Associated Press, NPR, St. Louis Public Radio).



FALSE: “Fully fund our schools.”


THE TRUTH: Mike Kehoe and his administration cut $169 million for education in June. The largest cut was to K-12 education, which lost over $123 million. As the Lieutenant Governor, Kehoe serves within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on early childhood education. This October, the administration restored some but not all of the funding. (Source: Springfield News, Expenditure Restrictions, Missouri Times)



FALSE: “Set the foundation for record job growth.”


THE TRUTH: During his time appointed to the office, unemployment in Missouri climbed from 3.1% in June 2018 to 10.2% in April 2020 and now sits around 4.9% as of September 2020.  As COVID infections spiked statewide, this summer Mike encouraged people to get out and did not advocate for a statewide mask mandate. As a result of the ongoing outbreak, tourism has suffered significantly. The pandemic has also worsened staff shortages at St. Louis nursing homes, putting residents and workers at risk. As of September 3, more than 650 Missourians have died from COVID in nursing homes. (Sources: Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, The Missouri Times, St. Louis Post Dispatch and St. Louis Public Radio)



A New Way Forward: Alissia Canady


Alissia Canady is a small business owner, former council member and former prosecuting attorney. Growing up on Kansas City’s East Side, Alissia learned the value of hard work. Alissia attended public school, worked eight hours every day after class, and bought her first home at age 18. Soon afterward, Alissia started a small business and graduated from law school. Alissia is running for Lieutenant Governor to bring her record of executive leadership to Jefferson City at a time when it’s needed most to build back better from COVID and combat city violence, address health disparities and promote education and economic development.


More information about Alissia, the job of the Lieutenant Governor, and voting in Missouri is available at www.CanadyforMissouri.com.



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