About Alissia Canady

Small business owner


Fmr. City Councilmember


Fmr. prosecuting attorney


Alissia Canady is the leadership we need who listens to our working families and speaks for the rising middle class.

Meet Alissia

Growing up on Kansas City’s East Side, Alissia’s mother taught her that actions speak louder than words. Before graduating from Kansas City Public Schools, she worked for eight hours every day after class. That hard work paid off, allowing Alissia to purchase her first home at 18. 


Alissia continued working during college, even starting her first small business. After completing her undergraduate degree in finance, she graduated from the South Dakota School of Law, and then moved back to Missouri and immediately began working full time while studying for the Missouri Bar exam.


Working as an Assistant Prosecutor in Jackson County, Alissia was an advocate for victims and worked closely with communities to help reduce the epidemic of violence plaguing Kansas City. It was this experience that taught her that more police and longer prison sentences do not reduce violent crime.


Focusing on public safety and healthy communities, she sought, and was elected, Councilwoman for Kansas City’s 5th District in 2015, holding leadership roles as the Chair of the Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee and the Health Commission. Upon completing her term, Alissia returned to private law practice and served as the Chair of the Kansas City TIF Commission.


Now, Alissia is bringing her work ethic and commitment to public service to Jefferson City, running for Missouri Lieutenant Governor.

Press Materials

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