Our Vision

Alissia is bringing bold, sensible leadership to Jefferson City for our children, families, seniors and veterans. As Lieutenant Governor, Alissia will use the power of the office to address the root causes of violence and serve as a steward for the state's economic development, education, housing, veteran outreach, tourism promotion and elderly advocacy.



The rate of gun deaths from 2009 to 2018 increased 56% in Missouri – more than 3 times the national rate. Missouri has the fifth-highest rate of gun homicide in the nation and firearms are the leading cause of death among children and teens. Black people are 14 times more likely to die by gun homicide, where white people are 2 times as likely to die by gun suicide. The data clearly shows that the effects of gun violence impact us all regardless of age, race, gender or political affiliation.


To address the alarming level of city violence, our leaders must move beyond the gun debate and include solutions that actually address the root issues. This includes investing in community resources and education, creating jobs that pay a living wage and increasing access to mental health services. A Missouri that works for everybody is one where each member of the community can safely walk the streets, engage with a partner or parent at home without harm and has access to the support they need.



The COVID-19 pandemic has made the disparities in the U.S. healthcare system crystal clear – and Missouri is no exception. Minority Missourians are dying at a disproportionate rate from COVID-19, just as they are historically to diabetes, cancer and heart disease. When it comes to seeking treatment, care is less accessible: there have been 14 hospital closures over the past six years, nine of which happened in rural areas. After months of isolation, veterans and high-risk seniors struggling with mental health issues are unable to seek necessary support.


Our government neglects its duties when it does not address these systemic challenges. Starting with Medicaid expansion that that will improve access to care and prevention, Canady is committed to ensuring every Missourian is able to receive quality and affordable healthcare when they need it. With greater access to these services comes better outcomes, such as reduced infant mortality rates.



From cradle to career, Missourians deserve a government that encourages private enterprise and innovation and gives everybody a fair shot to climb the ladder of economic mobility. Coming out of the pandemic, Canady is committed to ensuring that no one is excluded in recovery — with small businesses and families at the center.


Elevating social equity begins with ensuring every child has access to quality public education, boosting access to vocational training and ensuring fair pay to educators. To reap the rewards of economic growth, Canady supports a living wage, increasing goals for Minority and Women Business Entities (MWBEs) on public contracts statewide, establishing local hiring for public projects and strategically investing in new companies to start-up, grow and flourish here in Missouri.